Paint the Bell silos

Introduction to the Paint the Silos Project

“Paint the Bell Silos” is a project of the Bell Progress & Heritage Association Inc.

The Association’s objectives are to:

  • Interact with Local & State Authorities
  • Interact with existing associations in our District
  • Promote Community Projects

In June 1978 two new concrete silos, “the big silos” were built in Bell as part of the upgrading of the bulk grain handling facilities. These silos were the third stage of the complex as a Perrin shed and four smaller silos were already in operation.

Our vision is to increase the tourism potential in our rural town and region, and utilise the blank silo canvas to portray life in a regional area. We need your community support to develop our exciting project to the next level.

A community survey is available now. Your contribution via this survey would be greatly appreciated and valued. (UPDATE: survey is now closed)

More information

As the silos are owned by GrainCorp, our project team will be working closely with GrainCorp to develop our concept. To be successful, our proposal will have to meet GrainCorp’s guidelines. You can read the GrainCorp Silo Art Policy for more information about their requirements.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to be part of the project team, please contact us.

Members of the Project Team (with Power to add):

  • Ruth Storey
  • Bev Gibson
  • Bernice Seton
  • Craig Winter
  • Tracey Anne Renton
  • John Flynn (Administration Support)


2 thoughts on “Paint the Bell silos

  1. Frances Kruger says:

    Hello ,I live in Dennis Street ,Bell just one house down from the Silos and I think it is a great idea to paint them ,but I would like the people who live opposite to be contacted first to see what their opinions are ,they will see the Artwork through their front door and windows.I think it would be good to have the Birdlife and Tree’s that are native to Bell. Thank you Fran Kruger.

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