25th Bell Theatre Restaurant – call for memorabilia!

Do you remember the first ever Bell Theatre Restaurant??

We’re celebrating our 25th Production this year, and we want to do something extra special. “Jungle Juice” was our first theatre restaurant back in 1998, and we are bringing “Jungle Juice” back as a great way to celebrate this milestone event.

We’re thinking of producing a book / booklet / album reminiscent of “Jungle Juice”. With this in mind, we would appreciate any memorabilia, photos, or documents you may have pertaining to “Jungle Juice”.

Also, we wish to include your stories of how you first came to be a part of our theatre restaurant productions and why you have “stayed the course” over the years. Need I say, your stories are required sooner than later to give us time to put it all together. It will be exciting to explore the history and evolution of our theatre restaurants.

If you know someone who was part of our first production, whether as Cast, Orchestra, Chorus, or Crew, please put them in contact with us. We would love to invite the cast and crew of our first production to our Gala Premiere Performance on Sunday 21st August.

We thank them all for being an essential part of our Bell Theatre Restaurant Productions, bringing professionalism, dedication, and passion to our group.

Please contact us with any information you have.

Join us for the reprise of “Jungle Juice” in 2022.

Jungle Juice :

When a plane crash lands on a beautiful, remote and unpredictable volcanic island, with two American rock stars and their press agents on board, things start to get creepy as the jungle growth closes in around them.

Naturally, their only thoughts are to return to Civilisation.

Meanwhile, back at the jungle camp, the Queen of the Jungle strives to keep the natives from rebelling and put aside their fears of the supernatural and magical “goings on”.

As sounds of mysterious drum beats echo through the Jungle… who can save our Americans?? Will Tarzan save the day or will the Witch Doctor have his evil way.

A tropical cocktail of melodrama, mayhem and music, it is just so absurd and foolish – you’ll love it!!

“Jungle Juice” by Judith Prior by arrangement with David Spicer Production www.davidspicer.com.au.

Presented by the Bell Theatre Group.