Our Blue-Ribbon Rosella Jam

A trip to the Bell Bunya Community Centre isn’t complete without trying some of our Blue-Ribbon Rosella Jam. It’s goes perfectly with scones and cream.

Our jam has won prizes at the Bell Show and we’re convinced once you try it, you’ll want to take a couple of jars with you!

What are rosellas? The Rosella plant is a shrub of the hibiscus species (see wikipedia article). The seeds have a bright red fleshy calyx protecting each seed. The red calyx is used to make a delicious jam (a bit like plum, but sharper). Rosella jam is a favourite in Queensland, but rosellas are also commonly used to make tea, syrup, and pickles.

We make our blue-ribbon rosella jam right here in our commercial kitchen, from rosellas grown and harvested from our own gardens.