Historic Bell …

Bell, named after Joshua Peter by his son Joshua Thomas Bell, was established as a railway terminus in 1906. The Bell district was originally part of the vast pastoral Jimbour Station that extended from the top of the Bunya Mountains to the Condamine River west of Dalby.

This thriving rural town is very proud of its heritage, with many places of historical significance to visit.

  • Bell streets are named after workers from the original Jimbour Station such as Ensor, Dennis, Maxwell, Wallace, Cassidy, Crawshay, Cody and Challacombe Streets.
  • Rare sandstone street drains hand pitched during the years of the Great Depression in the 1930s.
  • Bell Catholic Church interior murals tells stories of the Bible,and the Biblical Gardens illustrate the fourteen Stations of the Cross.
  • Bell Historic Railway station, shed parkland, housing a static display including restored railway section cars and a vintage rail carriage.
  • Arthur Pope’s historic motor and machinery collection at Popey’s Shed.
  • Original sandstone buildings